Society why must you make rumors about something that doesn't concern you. You judge everyone for not being "skinny enough" or being "fat" no one is truly fat nor skinny its just how we are made. I dont see why you must talk behind someones back just to make them hurt them self's and to make them cry. I could have destroyed you but yet I wanted to be gentle to let you go away on your own. I am tender and yet you wanna try to make me unbreakable.. I will show you unbreakable when I finally destroy your bad mouth and what you truly believe in. You are the one who every sad and depressed guy or girl should destroy because we are happy until we meet you. We are these little bundles of joy until you take control of our "friends" and turn them against us leaving us alone with our thoughts. You are the reason as to why everyone is so insecure about them selfs. You are the reason as to why everyone hates them self. You are the reason why no one wants to go out and talk anymore so why dont you just do yourself a favor? Shut up keep our name out of your mouth and leave us alone so we can finally be happy?