I saw this challenge all over and thought this would be a great first article. I have quite an unusual name for anyone not Turkish. It directly translates to "Rain".


aesthetic simpsons
Superthumb aesthetic
I disliked the color yellow for a long time, but I learned to love it. It has great happiness vibes all over.


animal Superthumb
blue aesthetic


nails blue grey bag
One of my favorite shades of gray.

M-idnight Blue:

blue Superthumb blue blue
Yass, lovely. So poetic.


delicious cake Superthumb Superthumb
I have no idea why there are only desserts in this color. It is so lovely tho. I'm not a fan of purple but this looks so nice.

R-osy Brown:

aesthetic bambi brown aesthetic
Such a beautiful color. It should be appreciated more.

My name is Yag(ğ)mur. Nice to meet you. What is your name?