I saw this challenge all over and thought this would be a great first article. I have quite an unusual name for anyone not Turkish. It directly translates to "Rain".


flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image simpsons, funny, and lisa image
aesthetics, blue, and beautiful image aesthetic, sun, and window image
I disliked the color yellow for a long time, but I learned to love it. It has great happiness vibes all over.


animals, cold, and arctic image blue, inspiration, and iphone image
blue, ice, and cold image arctic, photograph, and pole image


nails and rings image emotions, gray, and ocean image hair, grey, and hairstyle image fashion, bag, and Givenchy image
One of my favorite shades of gray.

M-idnight Blue:

city, new york, and blue image bed, boys, and night image blue, light, and theme image blue, theme, and navy blue image
Yass, lovely. So poetic.


purple, ice cream, and food image cake, purple, and food image breakfast, Brooklyn, and usa image cupcake, purple, and ube image
I have no idea why there are only desserts in this color. It is so lovely tho. I'm not a fan of purple but this looks so nice.

R-osy Brown:

aesthetic, beige, and brown image fashion and brown image aesthetic, rosy, and blogger image aesthetic, quotes, and beige image
Such a beautiful color. It should be appreciated more.

My name is Yag(ğ)mur. Nice to meet you. What is your name?