these are a few ways to help the earth and the things in it. enjoy!

- start recycling
i watched a video about a women who was zero waste. she had all her trash from two years in a small mason jar! imagine if we all did that. there would be hardly any trash floating around. just start small. i just got a cloth hamper, and started throwing the plastic things in there instead of the garbage. once a week i go to the recycle place and give them all the stuff in the hamper. that easy!

- switch to a menstrual cup
i was reading about it for a while, and the thought of using one kinda scared me, but there are very good reasons to switch over. the average women uses 20 pads/tampons a month. thats 240 per year. the average women menstruates for 40 years. so overall thats about 9,600 pads/tampons used during a womens lifetime! now multiply that by 3.5 million women. exactly. thats so much waste! now i understand that some women may not be able to afford one, but there are hundreds of companies that sell them, at a variety of prices! so i suggest you try it out. plus, you aren't at risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome). which is always great!

- adopt a pet
i know, a lot of people can't get pets. but even getting a fish is something! i recently adopted a dog that no one wanted and i love him so much now! (his name is Zeus). he deserved so much love, but no one could see that. so i decided to take him. and now he couldn't be happier!

- get a plant
i never really liked plants until i saw all these plant room pictures. i fell in love! i now I'm buying a bunch of plants to go in my room. they make your room look a lot prettier and vibrant. and the world can never really have enough plants!

- volunteer
at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, women's center, etc. it helps so much, and its a great way to meet people and hear their story!Or if its possible, you can go on mission trips. I'm going to Haiti this summer, my aunt moved there a few years ago to help people and she's built a few school and churches, if you'd like to donate them please message me. but a lot of churches, will pay for you to go on mission trips, with the donations from the church goers.

- donate
there are thousands of ways to donate to people! on every easy one is, a website called, they take old bras and give them to women and children in third world countries. or you can simply donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away. there is also an app called free rice. its a trivia game that the more answers you get right, the send rice to kids that need it.

- be kind
just simply smiling at someone or putting a happy letter in a library book can make someones day. we leave an imprint of everywhere we go, make sure its a good one!

thats it for now! message me if you need anything!