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run the world (girls) - beyoncé
Image by silviabertusii dress, fashion, and pink image fashion, rose gold, and style image fashion, dress, and style image
wannabe - spice girls
fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image beauty, blue, and fashion image flowers, yellow, and nature image yellow image
confident - demi lovato
fashion, style, and car image rose, bath, and red image crown, Queen, and red image dress, red, and dog image
waka waka (this time for africa) - shakira
ok, light, and neon image ring, diamond, and jewelry image beautiful woman, pretty girl, and wedding ring image drink, theme, and sunglasses image
lip gloss - lil mama
makeup, lipstick, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and lipstick image cosmetics, lipstick, and theme image lipstick, makeup, and beauty image
don’t cha - the pussycat dolls
Taylor Swift, begin again, and purple image lilac, purple, and theme image crystal, lilac, and purple image sky, sunset, and palms image
dangerous woman - ariana grande
love, quotes, and believe image dark red, feed, and theme image travel, airplane, and view image fireworks, light, and new year image
oops!... i did it again
Image by sophieeeeeeee aesthetic, coconut, and tumblr image dark, tropical, and green image tattoo, accessories, and plants image
no scrubs - tlc
dress, white, and wedding image blue, drink, and indie image jeans, water, and white image blue, theme, and indie image
milkshake - kelis
nails, pink, and perfume image crown, diamond, and theme image paris, light, and france image vogue, rose gold, and cafe image

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