Sooo I saw this challenge all over WHI and thought it would be fun do do one.
Plus, I'm adding aesthetics boards 'cause why not? ;) ♡
(I tried okay hahaha)

Red - Taylor Swift
a song with a color on the title

rose, red, and flowers image love, quotes, and red image mac, red, and lipstick image hair, polaroid, and lwymmd image

One Direction - 18
A song with a number on the title

love, couple, and hands image cafe, coffee, and design image fashion, girl, and autumn image love, couple, and city image

Miley Cyrus - Malibu
a song that reminds me of summer

palm trees, pink, and summer image miley cyrus image beach, summer, and shell image friends, friendship, and best friends image

Justin Bieber - Cold Water
a song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget

wallpaper, ocean, and blue image girl, water, and sad image grunge and quotes image alone, deep, and drowning image

Harry Styles - Kiwi
a song that needs to be played out loud

Harry Styles, black and white, and style image party, shot, and drink image city, light, and night image Mature image

Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl
a song that makes me want to dance

<3, galway girl, and ed image ed sheeran, black and white, and selfie image alternative, bike, and ed image ed sheeran image

One Direction - Night Changes
a song to drive to

car, photography, and sea image beach, beautiful, and blue image Image by Q Image by neyran

Ed Sheeran- Drunk
A song about drugs or alcohol

blurry, dark, and trees image couple, love, and tumblr image blurry, dark, and low image alcohol, snapchat, and blood image

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
a song that makes me happy

girl, friends, and car image one direction, Harry Styles, and 1d image one direction, liam payne, and Harry Styles image beach, summer, and girl image

One Direction - If I Could Fly
a song that makes me sad

city, light, and photography image girl, grunge, and tumblr image sad, cry, and tear image airplane, light, and travel image

Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times
a song I never get tired of

Harry Styles and one direction image aesthetic, brown, and dark image Harry Styles, one direction, and sign of the times image quotes, wallpaper, and flowers image

Katy Perry - Firework
a song from my preteen years

fireworks, gold, and light image fire, girl, and photography image black, fireworks, and gold image fireworks, forest, and night image

Abba - Dancing Queen
a song you like from the 70s

car, vintage, and cinema image aesthetics, b&w, and black & white image Image removed girl and love image

Ed Sheeran- Tenerife Sea
a song you'd love to be played at your wedding

couple, love, and wedding image love, couple, and beach image couple, love, and sea image love, couple, and beach image

Harry Styles - Girl Crush
a song you like that's a cover by another artist

couple, love, and boy image Harry Styles, harry, and harrystyles image couples, fashion, and hold image Image by Britsy🖤️

Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore
song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

selena gomez, charlie puth, and selena image quote, selena gomez, and charlie puth image quotes image selena gomez, charlie puth, and selenagomez image

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
a song from the year you were born

teenage dirtbag and latenights image sky, blue, and grunge image teenage, aesthetic, and alternative image friends, sky, and sunset image

John Lennon - Imagine
a song that makes you think about life

flowers, aesthetic, and hand image bird, theme, and sea image theme, moon, and aesthetic image theme, aesthetic, and art image

Ariana Grande - One Last Time
a song that has many meanings to you

ariana grande, ariana, and one love manchester image ariana grande, one last time, and manchester image ariana grande image arianagrande, ariana grande, and ariana image

One Direction- Olivia
song you like with a person's name in the title

flowers, nature, and photography image quote, Lyrics, and olivia image field, flowers, and girl image Image by mimiswag

Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On
a song that moves you forward

louis tomlinson and one direction image steve aoki, just hold on, and louis tomlinson image Lyrics, music, and just hold on image flowers image

Harry Styles - Only Angel
a song you think everyone should listen to

beach, black, and casual image angel, beautiful, and quote image beautiful, girl, and goals image black & white, angelwings ​, and models beauty image

One Direction - Spaces (THEY'LL COME BACK. OKAY? OKAY.)
a song by a band you wish were still together

love, couple, and city image sky, stars, and galaxy image moon, boy, and couple image amazing, black, and plane image

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
a song you like by an artist that's no longer living

whitney houston image yellow and aesthetic image glitter, eye, and eyes image withney houston image

Harry Styles - From The Dinning Table
a song that breaks your heart

Lyrics image Harry Styles, sign of the times, and jawline image theme, light, and dark image rose, flowers, and red image

One Direction - You&I
a song that makes you want to fall in love

girl, sunset, and hair image one direction, zayn malik, and niall horan image you and i and one direction image sunset image

Niall Horan - This Town
a song by an artist whose voice you love

niall horan image my baby, horan, and this town image quotes, love, and couple image this town, niall horan, and one direction image

High School Musical - Can I Have This Dance
a song you remember from your childhood

zac efron, vanessa hudgens, and high school musical image zac efron, vanessa hudgens, and love image goals, zac and vanessa, and themes image high school musical, zac efron, and HSM image

Harry Styles - Sweet Creature
a song that reminds you of yourself

Harry Styles, eyes, and green image flowers, pink, and rose image music, pink, and record player image pink, styles, and harrystyles image