Hello Everyone!
I've just finished reading Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennet and felt like sharing some of my thoughts about it.
But first of all, a short synopsis:

So, the story follows this classsic-movies-freak Bailey as she leaves her mom in Washington, D.C. to live with her dad in Coronado Cove, California, the same town her online crush Alex lives in. But instead of telling him she moved she tries to find him, to, you know, make sure he's not some serial killer or something.
Meanwhile she meets this hot surfer boy, Porter, at her new summer job. At first she hates him, but as they get to know each other better, she starts to develope feelings for him.
Now Bailey must choose whether to cling to a dreamy online fantasy in Alex or take a risk on an imperfect reality with Porter.
But let me tell you: This is not your classic love triangle.

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This book was just the perfect contemporary for my short break from fantasy (which I've been reading a lot lately).
It is one of those books that make you go throug every singel emotion. There were scenes that made me silly smile without being able to stop. But it's not just lovey-dovey happiness, it also keeps you on your toes with shocking revelations and, if you're not completly hard-hearted, will make you shad a few tears, sometimes maybe even from laughing.

From time to time you may encounter a frustration, that will make you want to rip out your eyeballs so you don't have to witness it anymore, but you know, in a good way.

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All the characters are totally endearing (okay, there may be one or two expeptions) and will make you fall in love with them from the first page.
Not one ot them is perfect, even tough they may appear like it, they all have their individual flaws and you'll want to protect them form the big bad world out there.

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I really enjoyed the writing style. It's easy going, not to complicated,which makes it possible to kind of fly through the book, but at the same time it's still really deep and poetic.

Some times you have to endure painful things to realize that you're a whole lot stronger than you think.
- Jenn Bennet, Alex Approximately

So all in all I think Alex, Approximately is a pretty awsome book that deserves a whole lot more appreciation than it is getting at the moment. It's also perfect for getting some summer vibes to warm up those cold days.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!