i was not kidding when i said i was going to be making an article soon after the other one i had published.

yesterday i had woken up all gloomy and anxious and really just needed some music to calm me down. as i surfed through some new videos, i was introduced to a whole new genre of aesthetic. it's called lofi, i'm pretty sure.

after that i got some really awesome mixes and i'm sort of obsessed.

so, since i was greeted to such beauty, i will be making two playlists in this article.

my lofi suggestions

best channels
the bootleg boy, syros, r l i f e, in love with a ghost, ambition

why this genre is great
i mean, honestly, it's wonderfully simplistic. there aren't any voices and the beat is positive. if you are studying, lofi is the best thing to turn to, as it doesn't have any distracting lyrics.

how it's aesthetic
even the images of these videos are aesthetic! it's crazy, honestly.

recommended videos
the bootleg boy- happy songs for lonely people

syros- things that make me smile....

r l i f e- i feel like i'm going to cry

syros- when i get sad i drink bubble tea, it cheers me up a lot

in love with a ghost- a mix about cats, love, breakfast and being tired

syros- i still remember the day i realized we were perfect for each other ( does have voices !! )

ambition- m e l a n c h o l y

ambition- i just want to be happy

r l i f e- this is cute, you are cute

syros- by the way, i feel bad. i never asked how your love life is going

syros- just being with you is enough for me

in love with a ghost- thought we were lovers w/ basil

in love with a ghost- am i a girl? am i a boy? do i really care? i'm hungry anyway (20mn extended)

r l i f e- get some rest sleep well

r l i f e- dreaming of me and you

my top aesthetic songs

best channels
lost soul, 1-800-LOVE-U, olivia ruby, the worst taste, lolita,

why aesthetic music is worth it
normally, aesthetic songs have extremely passionate lyrics, and they are very rare. they aren't very popular, either, so you won't hear them everywhere until they wear out.

how it's aesthetic
simple, soft, indie, grunge, and acoustic. they make you feel something. great stuff.

recommended songs
foolish wanderers- moon

rex orange county- sunflower

charles irwin- a sad song about a girl i no longer know

lorde- liability

rick archie- flowers

cavetown- this is home

autumn ward- fingers crossed

ellian- please never fall in love

cato- closed eyes, staring

two feet- i feel like i'm drowning

sløtface- nancy drew

lana del rey- video games

genevieve- someone new

aira- lovely


that's all, pals! 28 new recommended songs. i hope you enjoyed this. thank you so much for reading!