Hello beautiful!
Before i'm starting this article, I want to say that i'm from the Netherlands. So my English is not very good ;)
In this article I'm gonna show you 10 mode essentials for your wardrobe.
I'll name 10 clothing essentials and as extra I also will show you 5 accessories essentials, because who doesn't like accessories? ;)
Well, let's get started and I hope you will like it!

1. Denim jacket

fashion image
fashion, girl, and indie image

2. White blouse

fashion image
fashion, girl, and indie image

3. Little black (or white) dress

travel and summer image
girl, fashion, and dress image

4. Gingham clothes

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fashion, style, and chanel image

5. Statement coat

fashion, style, and outfit image
fashion, style, and outfit image

6. Fur

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fashion, style, and vogue image

7. Matching set

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fashion, black, and outfit image

8. Denim/black jeans

fashion, girl, and indie image
fashion, style, and girl image

9. Blazer

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fashion image

10. Mesh

fashion, outfit, and black image
style, fashion, and black image

These were all the clothing essentials for a killer wardrobe!
Now let's move on to the 5 accessoires:

1. Mini vintage sunglasses

fashion, sunglasses, and style image
girl, fashion, and sunglasses image

2. Small bags

fashion style glamour, gucci dior chanel, and outfits inspiration image
fashion and chanel image

3. Berets & baker boy hats

b&w, black and white, and fashion image
Image by Vogue

4. Gold jewelry

fashion, necklace, and jewelry image
Image by sündos

5. White ankle boots

fashion, shoes, and girl image
fashion, boots, and shoes image

Thank you so much for reading and I hope I gave you some inspiration for your wardrobe!

Kisses ♡