hello! today i was on we heart it looking through pictures of bedrooms so i thought 'why not write an article about this?' so i decided to write an article about what i want my dream bedroom to look like.

i will list each of the features and under each one i'll write what aspects of that feature i really like. i hope you enjoy my article!


  • messy blankets
  • lots and lots of blankets
  • white, grey, & black
  • throw pillows
bed, white, and home image black, white, and home image


  • modern
  • laptop & camera
  • tall modern lamp
  • succulents
article and stationary image home, room, and white image


  • fairy lights
  • collage of photos
  • large paintings
  • shelves
room, home, and bedroom image interior, bedroom, and cactus image


  • warm, natural lighting
  • large windows
  • curtains
  • bay window
city, bed, and room image aesthetic, room, and bedroom image


  • view of city
  • horizon line
  • sunset & sunrise
  • city lights at night
Image by springkg bedroom, room, and home image

i really enjoyed writing this article so i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

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