Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to one of my first ever Collab Articles! This article is a collaboration with my good friend Allie (@lustfultears)!

How this article works is in my article I will be including 50 reason to be happy and over in Allie's article she'll be featuring the other 50 reasons to be happy. Together that's 100 reasons to be happy that we will be bringing to you guys! If you've come over from Allie's article then hello! I'm Kelly and I write articles every Sunday!

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5 0 / R E A S O N S / T O / B E / H A P P Y :

❁ 1. The existence of Cole Sprouse
❁ 2. The aesthetic lighting effects created by the sky,clouds,sun,moon,neon signs and fairy lights
❁ 3. knowing that you are cared about
❁ 4. The art in everyday life
❁ 5. Things you don’t have to work at to enjoy
❁ 6. The accomplishment felt when you succeed in a recipe
❁ 7. The art of traveling
❁ 8. Golden Hour
❁ 9. Sunset and sunrise
❁ 10. prizes you have won
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❁ 11. doing absolutely nothing
❁ 12. Oversized hoodies
❁ 13. Christmas lights decorated on every house
❁ 14. Peach Iced Tea
❁ 15. Hearing a song for the first time
❁ 16. Hugs
❁ 17. Music boxes
❁ 18. discovering that something you want is in your price range
❁ 19. Looking back at your childhood belongings
❁ 20. leaves starting to turn colour
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❁ 21. Pizza
❁ 22. Having a lye in on the weekends
❁ 23. Seeing snowfall
❁ 24. Writing on sand at the beach
❁ 25. Capturing moments on a camera
❁ 26. Lighting up your room with fairy lights
❁ 27. Seeing your loved ones
❁ 28. Sleepovers with your closest friends
❁ 29. Paint swatches
❁ 30. The smell of a new book
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❁ 31. Writing or receiving a hand written letter
❁ 32. Flowers beginning to blossom in spring
❁ 33. Autograph day at the end of a school year
❁ 34. carving a pumpkin in preparation for halloween
❁ 35. challenges you have conquered
❁ 36. dogs and puppies
❁ 37. sound of waves crashing on the shore
❁ 38. café society
❁ 39. sound of raindrops on an umbrella
❁ 40. spotting a rainbow in the sky
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❁ 41. The hues of pink,gold,orange,red and yellow created at sunset
❁ 42. buttercream frosting
❁ 43. trying foreign food/candy for the first time
❁ 44. Christmas music
❁ 45. Finding a good TV show ( RIverdale & Stranger things)
❁ 46. Gazing up at the night sky, seeing dozens of stars and a full moon
❁ 47. The thought of ancient undiscovered places
❁ 48. Playing your music super loud and dancing to the beat
❁ 49. Dreaming nice and amazing dreams
❁ 50. Making real best friends over social medias and meeting up for the first time
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Those are my 50/100 reasons to be happy. Most of them are things to be happy about and I hope reading this made your mood a little bit happier. Don't forget to read Allie's article to see the remaining different 50 reasons she's come up with! I hope you've enjoyed this article and i'll be posting another article someday this week! Don't forget to send in your reactions to this article.

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Kelly xx

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