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1. Birthdays
2. Life gets better
3. Your WHI friends are here for you
4. Self-love is possible
5. Acing a difficult test you thought you failed

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6. Summer vacations with friends or your family
7. Getting to hang out with friends/the squad
8. Holidays mean NO school!
9. Receiving nice gifts
10. Watching your favorite movie

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11. Playing with animals/your pets
12. Going shopping
13. Spa days/treating yourself
14. A nice, warm bath
15. Reading a really good book in a comfy bed

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16. Graduating Middle School, High School, Or College
17. Getting your dream job
18. Sleeping in and having a lazy day
19. Watching your favorite YouTubers
20. Being able to believe in yourself

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21. Being able to help others
22. FaceTiming/Skyping your best friend
23. Taking a beautiful, Instagram worthy photo
24. Not having homework
25. Knowing that your past does NOT define you

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26. Being warm and cozy on a cool night
27. Realizing people truly have your back
28. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
29. Having a family of your own
30. Having a productive day

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31. Partying
32. Eating your favorite food
33. Watching old videos and looking at pictures of you as a young kid
34. Wearing your favorite clothing
35. Watching a new episode of your favorite show

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36. Hearing birds on a beautiful, warm spring day
37. Discovering a life hack that is beneficial for you
38. Getting to talk to your crush
39. Remember that your mistakes will never define you
40. Feeling confident

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41. Doing well on a presentation/speech
42. Talking to your internet friends
43. Waking up early and getting a good start to your morning
44. Doing your favorite hobby
45. Meeting new people and making new friends

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46. Baking yummy treats
47. Being able to relax after a long day
48. Summer is coming!
49. Being healthy. Never take your health for granted. Be happy for what God has blessed you with! :)
50. Having a sleepover with friends

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