Why do I always think about you?
Yes. This is just another cliché story about a girl who thinks too much about a boy who doesn't care about her. But I'm gonna tell it anyways. I am a stupid girl in love with a boy who I never talked with.

(I have to say it for someone who won't judge so I decided to write)

I just learned that I can undestand things better if I write it. I do it since school but I just realized that writing helps me to put things in place in my mind at least for a while. So I'm here randomly writing about this damn boy who I know almost nothing about, who I never said anything to besides "hi". I don't know how this hapenned or how I discovered I was in love (am I?) with him. Maybe I am in love with the person I imagined he is. Because he is so beautiful, he is so polite. So maybe I just picked him to be in love with, for no specific reason. The only thing I know is that I can go trough a time without think about him but when I see him...is just like I've been in love for a long time. Perhaps I have to meet new people, make new friends. But for now I only can imagine how good me and him would look together. And how tragic is that he didn't even follow me back on instagram.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash