First of all, go listen to Shinedown's song related to this theme called Bully.

Secondly, you're welcome :) read only the end if you want.

Thanks to different movies touching the theme of the main character or perhaps a random person being bullied, my idea of a bully was someone who everyone hated and had a habit of being a... well you know.

But no. Absolutely not. What I didn't know was that a bully can be anyone. A person with a good fashion taste, lot's of friends, beautiful, a good student. That broke the taboo for me.

And what made it worse was that bullying didn't need physical interaction to hurt you. Wounds or injuries can hurt you, I know, but words... and the fact that you have no self esteem to fight back... tragic really.

Maybe it is to late to get back to them but still, here are some heartless words:

You're mom is ashamed to have you, yet she never tells you that.

Don't get ahead of yourself just because you've got friends who compliment you. That's a a.sslickers job anyway.

If you hurt somebody to get what you want, it doesn't make you an achiever, lowlife!

Everybody talks bad about you. Why are you surprised?

You've hurt me because you know I am a quiet and a good person. That's the only thing you know at least, other than that you're pretty disgusting.

Yes, I don't like you. You don't even like you.

No no, keep wearing that expensive shirt, I want my marble tiles cleaned with good material.

I can't be affected by your words as much as I used to. There are plenty of garbage cans in the streets as well and I can't bother dealing with all of them. You're no special.