So this is an article in which I am going to write personal things that I learned the hard way in my life from the time I remember. (pretty obvious lol) This is still part of the 30DWC, exactly this is the 24th day of the challenge. Without further do, let's start wirting!


"You're not a gold coin", they say. That is to say that not every single person in the earth will agree with, will get along with you, will like you. Actually, there are always going to be someone who doesn´t like you, it may be because they're jealous of you, they envy you or simply because you´re not the kind of person they want to be friends with. But that is totally fine, you don't always get to know truly well a person, and if you do then you can decide whether that person is good or you or not.
When I was younger I used to be so fake (do not get me wrong please), but I would always try to fit at any situation in school, in my neighborhood, in my house, I did it so that basically I would be accepted by the rest of the people who were with me in that moment. I would do some things so that a group of friends at school would get along with me better or to pretend that I was "cool" , those weren´t bad things but they were things I did not like or did not enjoy, those things were no funny for me. However, I would do those things to seem "cool". Then when I was being really myself, they would stop hanging out with me, that sounds too sad haha, but when they stopped hanging out with me, I could recognize who accepted me for who I was and not for what I did. That´s when I understood that not everyone will like me for who I am, and I learned that I should stop pretending to be someone who I really wasn´t and less because I did it for someone else.

Those years really tought me a lot, helped me to grow as a person and nowadays I can say that idgaf for someone who does not like me, I actually understand them haha. That´s why I appreciate my current friends. I can also say that I love myself and that makes me respect everyone else, cause I see life and everyone in it with the eyes of love.

Well, I get you if you got bored hehe, but I hope that you learn something from this article. This is not too hard, but it was the first thing that came to my head. I hope you enjoyed it.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli