so, i haven't written an article in a while but now i have a sudden urge to post, like, a lot. my first one will be this really cool idea i've seen most people do.


s- salmon

gif image
i really like the color pink, but obviously my first name doesn't have the letter p (my middle name does), so salmon is the second best thing

y- yellow

art, artwork, and funny image
yellow is great in many ways. and not the obnoxiously neon yellow or anything, just the soft and mellow yellow. it actually calms me

d- dark green

rose, gif, and anime image
dark green is also calming, and it reminds me of a dark winter morning

n- nickel

amazing, ana, and cute boys image
nickel is more of a lighter grey than anything, but it's still cool

e- eggplant

gif, alternative, and purple image
eggplant is a really dark and vibrant purple. i think it might actually be the most popular shade of purple, but everyone still calls it purple. pfft you uneducated peeps

y- yellow

gif, illustration, and yellow image
i dIdn'T WaNt tO dO THis aGaIn bUt I hAd to I'M sORrY

i hope you guys enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed writing it! it helped me explore a lot new colors and a different vibe of aesthetic. i loved using the gifs instead of the images. the cat one is so cute.

see you soon! my next article is going to be a second edition to "aesthetic songs".