Hello everybody!

Today I describe you my name through the colours.
Do you believe in the magic of colours?

Well, my name is M A F A L D A and I'm from Italy, then the choice of colours is my language.

M ---> Malva / Mauve

purple, aesthetic, and sky image blooms, botanical, and flowers image garnet, makeup, and mauve image eye, make up, and makeup artist image

A ---> Acquamarina / Aquamarine

blue and gem image 90s, alternative, and blue image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and green image

F ---> Fulvo / Tawny

adorable, amazing, and awesome image bird, tawny, and feathers image bird, tawny, and feathers image tiger and smoke image

A ---> Argento / Silver

girl, stars, and hair image crown, Queen, and gold image Image by NatalieBLUMRAIN Image by QᑌEEᑎ ᑕᒪᗩᖇIOᑎ

L ---> Lampone / Raspberry

Image by 𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒓𝒂. fruit, food, and raspberry image raspberry, fruit, and food image bath, beautiful, and beauty image

D ---> Denim / Denim

fashion, girl, and goals image fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, celine, and jeans image jeans, blue, and vintage image
Street Style

A ---> Azzurro / Light Blue

neon, map, and light image light, blue, and photography image psychic, blue, and grunge image blue, neon, and quotes image

Which colour do you prefer?
Love you for the attention