hi angelsss

theres a lot of person asking me those question;
- how many hours you study in a day?

- more than one subject in a day?

- where is the best places to study in quiet?

- is there DIY to have motivation to study more?

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the time!
me, I prefer study at the morning! you wil be more awake, so more focus on your homework and study!

- take your breakfast, no stress, take a coffee and go to homework/study!
then, you will be done and your afternoon is going to be free!

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how many hours?
ok, now the big question!
- how many hours I study in a day?
this question comes back to you, we are all different! but, I'll tell you by my experience!

- exemple;
start by the IMPORTANT subject, you have a BIG exam in math tomorrow, start with math!
- 30 minutes math
- 30 minutes science
- 15 minutes geography -->(exemple, the exam of this subject is just in 4 days...that's why it's just 15 minutes)

then, take a break, eat a little snack and go back to work!
again, but this time, start by another subject; exemple;
- 25 minutes science
- 25 minutes math
- 10 minutes geography
with that organization, you will be prefect at yours exams!!

d'ont forget that you can repeat this more than two times in a day, but don't forget to takes break between every 30/25/15 minutes of study!

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***don't forget that it works for me, so don't try it one day before your big exam!***

more than one subject in a day?
-of course!

never study 2/3/4 hours of one subject in a day!

-you will not be focus, you will not remember the informations, you will not want study another subject after 2 hours of math (for exemple)

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where is the best places to study in quiet?
-in your room!
when you study, you need that theres no sound!

-me, I listen music when there is too sound around me! Even in my room, sometimes there's sound here too!

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is there DIY to have motivation to study?
- yes theres a lot!
-I'll tell you some of those!

write you a remember that you need to study one day before you want to do your homework/study!

-you can put it on your bullet journal or just on a calendar!

Then, if you respect your bullet journal or your calendar, you will be obligated to do your homework/study!

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another DIY;
-you can underline everything you think that it's important for your exams, then you are not obligated to read all the stuff, just what you underline!

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***all the subjects of school that I used are just general, you can pick the subject that you want or need or have to study!

This is all for this article angelss! hope you enjoyed!

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luv y'all angelsss, have a good study time!

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