Okay this was really hard to narrow down to five anime because there are quite a few that I enjoy. But here are the ones that I think I have enjoyed the most!

5. Attack on Titan

anime and attack on titan image

So this is a rather surprising favorite of mine because I'm mostly into the cutesy romantic comedy and/or fantasy types of anime. But I'm glad I decided to check this out despite the show's violent nature. If you're unfamiliar with it, AoT is about humans living behind tall walls because giant human-eating titans roam the earth now. The story line is written beautifully and I love the main characters in it. I cannot wait for season 3 to come out this July!

4. Fruits Basket

anime, fruits basket, and kyo image

Fruits Basket was the second anime I ever watched (Soul Eater being the first). It can be really sad at times but it's mostly a really fun, heart-warming anime! A high school girl named Tohru ends up losing her mother and home after her mother died in a car crash. So she wouldn't burden anyone, she decides to live in a tent in the woods. The Sohmas end up stumbling upon her and decide to let her stay at their house. There, Tohru discovers the Sohmas have a family curse which involves whenever they are hugged by the opposite gender, they turn into animals from the Zodiac.

3. Noragami

noragami, yato, and anime image

Noragami is an interesting anime involved in the spirit world of gods and goddesses. High school girl Hiyori gets herself caught up in this world when she tries to save a god, Yato, from getting hit by a bus. After the accident, Hiyori can now leave her body and interact with the spirit world. She ends up befriending Yato and hopes he can help her with her new spirit problem. If you're into fantasy/fighting type anime, definitely check out Noragami.

2. Princess Jellyfish

princess jellyfish and anime image

Princess Jellyfish is a great anime for all those nerds/wallflowers/late bloomers out there. 18 year old Tsukimi moved into the big city and now lives with a few other woman who are all shy, nerds like her. Tsukimi is passionate about jellyfish and her passion actually gets her involved with meeting a guy who could just break her out of her shell and make her feel "beautiful." Much like Fruits Basket, this anime has it's sad moments which make me want to cry but it is mostly filled with comedy and fun!

1. Kamisama Kiss

kamisama hajimemashita, anime, and tomoe image

This is my all-time favorite because it has everything I love in an anime - comedy, fantasy, romance, mysterious back stories, loveable characters. I just absolutely love it! High school girl Nanami ends up getting evicted because her dad ran off to avoid paying bills that he owed. She's trying to figure out where to go until she runs into a man who allows her to live in an old shrine of his. He kisses the top of her forehead and gives her the powers of a land goddess. She heads off to the shrine and stumbles upon a familiar named Tomoe. I won't say anything else so I won't give much a way ;) But this is definitely my favorite anime! I've watched it three times now and I REALLY hope they make a 3rd season soon!

Well, those are my favorite 5 anime and I hope this gives you some new anime to check out and I hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to check out my YouTube video of my top 5 favorite anime as well!