If you just wandered here, like Jpop, or want to get into Jpop, here is my current Jpop playlist (of course I change them from time to time though. There aren't any specifics about this playlist like age, genre, or artist. Please message me if there are any song recommendations for me🤗

Hoshino Gen- Koi

Honestly, if you look up the lyrics, you'll probably find out how adorable and lovely this song is. The song is about love between a husband and a wife, but the song seems more like a love poem💑. Hoshino Gen makes more music similar to this style, so I recommend you to listen to his other songs!

Perfume- If you wanna

Perfume was one of my first Jpop groups that I listened to, so when I heard "If you wanna", I was immediately in love! What especially I love is that it was mainly EDM, but if it's not really your type, try listening to their other song FLASH. Either way, it'll be hard to not fall in love with these women!


So hey, this song is just perfect and all of the dancers in the whole video are just really good. I've only seen two music videos with BuZZ, but it's pretty obvious that they have a high chance of being very popular with a large fanbase!

BananaLemon- #.SorryNotSorry

"Sorry not sorry, we slay more than you do" When I first read about these girls, I thought that it was going to be some weird Jpop group because of the name. But they really slay and are fairly popular for a new group. They recently also made a new music video, so I hope that you check it out! The song above is one that you would dance to with your friends and moves that you would want to mimic!


Ngl, these are kings that will love on, them and the whole EXILE TRIBE! This is my favorite song by GENERATIONS, so I highly recommend this. They are obviously the life of the party and will stay that way for a very long time.

Namie Amuro- Big Boys Cry

Namie Amuro is such a queen, in the entertainment ever since she was a teen, but it's very sad that she will be retiring soon. Nevertheless, this song by her is very fun and loveable and she just looks so perfect as she sings about having fun and "living it up"!

Da-iCE- I'll be back

These guys have been together for a while, but recently, they've been getting a lot of recognition for their music and loyal fans! Da-iCE is definitely a group that I would want to get into in the future. This song will definitely show that they are all about hard work and dedication!

GEM- Sugar Baby

When I showed this song to my sister, she called it "weeaboo music" and I was like "can you not?". They might be similar to what you'd think of the basic Jpop group, but they are definitely worth more than what people usually say. Also, the reason why I decided to show the dance practice instead of the music video, is to show how on point and professional their moves are! The MV doesn't really show that, but I also listened to their other songs and I recommend them to anyone that loves the cute concept like me.

Bullet Train- My Buddy

As I said in the last song, I love the cute concept! I remember hearing this song before and I didn't know the name because I didn't know Jpop (I only knew Kana Nishino). But as soon as I saw the MV, I knew that they were the group from before! I remember feelingso happy to know they have loyal fans and don't seem like ending anytime soon.

RIRI- Rush

Get ready to be blessed with vocals of royalty! RIRI is pretty new to Jpop, but no one could've predicted the perfect song she started out with! I'd be surprised if even one person said that they don't like the song, don't like her voice, or even say that they don't see her becoming big in the industry. All I can say is that she definitely has more of her talents to share with us! Such a GOLDEN ROOKIE 💛

I hope you liked this playlist, so please expect more like this in the future!

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