1. Every morning you have opportunity to become a happier version of yourself. :)

2. Your dreams aren't over when you wake up , they are over when you make them real . <3

3. Take the risk or lose a chance.

4. If you want something you never had , you have to do something you never done before !

5. Believe in yourself and go for it. ^^

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6. You can't always be strong , but you always can be brave.

7. Make your life a story worth tellin'.

8. " what would people think " more dreams that anybody ever could. ;)

9. Never give uo on who you want to be.

10. Work harder , get better !

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11. Your only limmit is you :)

12. Dare to be diffrent. ^-^

13. Yestarday you said tommorrow

14. Begins the moment you decide to be.

15. Say yes to new adventures <3

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