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This time I am going to be doing the #LetterByLetter challenge! It was originally created by @paulien_99 . I got tagged by @lustfultears

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In this challenge you use the letters of your name to write something for each category in order for people to get to know you better. Everyone I know call me Tess, and I actually prefer being called that. But in this challenge I am going to be using my full name.

Let's get started!


girl, music, and indie image girl, music, and grunge image girl, hair, and music image Image by Daydreamer
  • T he ocean - Mike Perry
  • H ide away - Daya
  • E yes closed - Halsey
  • R unaways - Jay Hardway remix edit
  • E x calling - 6LACK
  • S oap - Melanie Martinez
  • E choes - LFZ
  • E scape - Tritonal
  • R eflections - Dimitri
  • G ood for you - Selena Gomez

TV shows, movies and books

aesthetic, couple, and kiss image Jennifer Lawrence, katniss everdeen, and the hunger games image shadowhunters, katherine mcnamara, and dominic sherwood image gif, couple, and the vampire diaries image
  • T he vampire diaries (tv show)
  • H unger games (movie)
  • E dge of Tomorrow (movie)
  • R esident evil (movie)
  • E lysium (movie)
  • S hadow hunters the mortal instruments (tv show)
  • E llen show (tv talk show)
  • B etween (tv show)
  • E veryday (movie)
  • R e:zero (anime)
  • G irlboss (movie)


girl, sunglasses, and smile image girl, friends, and summer image bed, girl, and calm image beach, clothes, and fashion image
  • T ense
  • H appy
  • E asily bored
  • R easonable
  • E nergetic
  • S upporting
  • E asy going
  • B ighearted
  • E quitable
  • R eliable
  • G enerous

Celebrities or characters

selena gomez, beauty, and celebrity image brown and Taylor Swift image emma watson, harry potter, and black and white image selena gomez, selena, and makeup image robert pattinson image gif and beyoncé image
  • T aylor Swift
  • H alsey
  • E mma Watson
  • R ihanna
  • E llen DeGeneres
  • S elena Gomez
  • E d Sheeran
  • B eyoncé Knowles
  • E mma Roberts
  • R obert Pattinson
  • G erard Butler


friends, summer, and fun image fun, girl, and summer image coachella, festival, and style image summer, friends, and hair image
  • T alkative (I talk waaay too much when you get to know me)
  • H airdresser (Yep, that's what I do for a living)
  • E xplorer (I LOVE adventure and traveling)
  • R omantic (I've always been a very romantic person for as long as I can remember. Even on crushes I had in kindergarten, lol)
  • E nergy (I got LOADS of energy. Sometimes I don't even know how to get rid of it. But during the winter I get pretty tired cuz we don't get that much daylight where I come from when it's winter)
  • S pontaneous (I can get the most craziest ideas ever. Sometimes I don't even think before I do something)
  • E xited (I get really easily exited over things. Almost about everything, really)
  • B ored really easily (I NEED to do things during the day. I would go crazy if I would have to sit home the whole day)
  • E quality
  • R eliable
  • G rateful (I am very grateful for what I have in my life. I have a wonderful family, friends and my two pets. And that's nothing I would take for granted)

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