Helou friends!♡ Lately, I have been horrible at taking care of my mental and physical health, and I decided to make a list in high hopes that I will actually do them, so I will be posting a to do list-ish things every day through out this week(and it wont be super crazy amazing things, it can literally be drink water and yeah, that still counts because its just a normal day reminders..) and hopefully we can show some progress in our lives! Good luck people (:


- Wake up half an hour earlier than usual (it will actually be a blessing if i do that, considering i am always late everywhere in the morning and never get things done)

- Take a bath

- Feed birds in the morning (I looove feeding birds you guys, it's honestly most relaxing thing you can do, it just makes me super happy! )

- Create a simple monthly planner for March (one thing about plans: it's always necessary to prepare for the future and not '' plan '' it, and i always tend to forget that. making an actual plans and thinking 'okay this is gonna go like this and that like thaat' and then being disappointed because nothing ever goes as planned is a bad feeling. preparing is a key)

- Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal

- Don't hit snooze ( harddd i know, have never succeeded in that one before )

- Free 15 minutes to read scriptures ( or anything really, whatever calms you down ♡ )

- Be nice, forgive and forget ♡

Okay, that's all for Monday, I will try to do them and update you on Tuesday with another list!

- Salome.