Ten songs for the bad days when you just want to cry and let it all out.

Halsey - Sorry

red, sad, and quotes image bloody, car, and fire image

OneRepublic - Apologize

water, drowning, and art image apologize, Lyrics, and sad image

James Vincent McMorrow - Wicked game

grafitti and wicked+game image feelings, happiness, and heart image

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight

the weeknd image aesthetic, sad, and blue image

flora cash - Sadness Is Taking Over

Image by Sàabah MD girl, pool, and grunge image

Post Malone - I Fall Apart

braids, music, and post image dark, Lyrics, and post image

X Ambassadors - Unsteady

affection, couple, and love image pulp fiction, uma thurman, and cigarette image

Ben Cocks - So cold

Lyrics, quote, and so cold image fire, burn, and church image

Snow Patrol - Chasing cars

girl, car, and grunge image grunge, indie, and quotes image

A Great Big World - Say Something

giving up, goodbye, and heartbroken image Image by xchelseadropdeadx
Remember that its just a bad day not a bad life, you will get through whatever you are dealing with. I believe in you! Many big hugs from Cakie<3