I feel so awake, focusing on that one thing in front of me. The one thing i'm chasing.
my runaway plan
my freedom
my happiness
my dream

so awake and still dreaming
sometimes i can't really say if i'm dreaming and sleeping or if this is actually the real life right now?

I can see how people are stressed, running from one place to another, screaming in silence. They scream without words. If you listen closely you can hear those screams right in front of you, in the ears of that tired and sad looking girl in the underground. She doesn't even look on her phone. Probably she doesn't even listen to those heartbreaking screams driving from her eraphones into her head. They leave just an echo as she goes by.

Is she dreaming?
Dreaming like i am? Chasing a dream, her own runaway plan....

aesthetic, b&w, and black and white image
girl, water, and summer image
everything feels so blurry. just that goal is clear.

like you're swimming towards a picture of something better.
slowly sinking inch for inch