3. What are your top three pet peeves?


aesthetic black black lies
I've been lied to more times than I can remember. It made me grow some big trust issues. But the lies I hate the most are those that my head makes up only to destroy me.

Cold shoulder

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I really hate when people give me the cold shoulder, even though they're not mad at me. If you're not in the mood to talk at all, I'd prefer to know rather than being asnwered with 'k', 'lol' or 'whatever'.


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I know it's something kinda stupid, but I can't stand it. For me it's something very dirty, you know? Like, I couldn't even touch your face if you were wearing layers and layers of stuff.

P.s. I know this is the second one today, but yesterday I wasn't home and couldn't post, so I did both day two and three today.