Hi! I have an enormous love for music, so why not share my favorite songs (nowadays) with you? These songs aren't all recent and not very well known but these songs are still stuck in my favorite playlist on Spotify.

1 Leo Stannard FT. Frances - Gravity (UK: Pop, folk & Indie)

I don't know why but this song makes me happy!

2 Mountains of the Moon - Pretty Near the Bottom (Sweden: Alternative rock & folk)

This band I recently discovered and I immediately fell in love with this song.

3 Rhys Lewis - Waking up without you (UK: Pop, Soul)

Also recently discovered. I just like his style of music and singing.

4 TheColorGrey - Need to know (Belgium: Hiphop, Rap)

Make sure you check 'Silence speaks' and 'You got to show me'!

5 Arcane Roots - Indigo (UK: Alternative rock)

I wanted to share the song 'Arp' but I couldn't find it on YouTube. This one is also one of my favorites. Make sure you listen to it!

6 Blackwave - Big dreams (Belgium: Hiphop, rap)


7 GEMS - W/O u (US: Electropop, alternative, indie)

Last but not least, GEMS. I've just seen the movie 'Before I Fall' and yeah this song is just beautiful.

Hope you liked it too.
Have a nice day!