chill songs that i love.
playlist link below (:
crestfallen lyrics & beats are included in these wonderful songs.
audio samples are used as well.

1. trevor daniel - vous et moi (prod. tenru)

artsy, dark, and ghetto image
"she just want to chill, pop another pill. baby is this real?" midnight chill

2. smrtdeath - everything

artsy, dark, and ghetto image
"baby you my lifeline, you make me feel alive again" grunge sound

3. fats'e - i'd prefer an unmarked grave

artsy, dark, and ghetto image
"i got nothing good to say" lonely vibe

4. lil peep - suck my blood

cigarette, gif, and animation image
"i got a broken heart, you were like a blade tearing me apart, but i kinda like the pain." more of an edgy sound.

5. frumhere - brooklyn baby

adorable, japan, and japanese image
"i might get ugly if nobody loves me anymore" best song to cry to