No.5 Honeysuckle

I love baking pretty things. Dzung has cute and delicious Food and Drink recipes that aren't very complicated and definitely look amazing.

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No.4 Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)

His Videos are so simple it really doesn't require any brain sells. Never the last he makes me laugh out so fucking loud in his Videos.

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No.3 Vlog Squad

I just can't pick one single person of those people. I just love all of them so much!!

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No.2 Marzia Bisognin

Her videos are so chill and cute. Next to her baking videos -which I love to watch- she posts great Vlogs I really enjoy and I really like her vibe.

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No. 1 Liza Koshy

I looooooove Liza soooo much. She's funny, cute and just amazing. I really can't sa much about her... I just adore her.

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