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So today I'm going to share with you guys a very important life lesson I got during the week and I really should learn, once and for all.

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But I think it could be useful to the ones among you too, who are in my same situation or are similar to me:

Insecure people,
Stubborn people,
Maniacs of the details,
I'm talking to all of you!
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Yes, I'm all of these things together and the result is that I always, and I mean al-wa-ys, want to do everything, and I mean literally everything LOL, in the best way as possible. What does it mean concretely? Well, I'll tell you: a LOT of stress.

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To be exactly, stress is not something wrong or something we should fear: it's only the biological reaction of our body and our brain to face problems and bad situations. But, the problem with stress is that it's hard to control and, if there's too much of it, it's not good for our health. In this case instead of being something that should help us when we're in trouble, it only becomes a disadvantage and an ulterior problem.
Well, what I learned during the week is that sometimes the better way to win stress and anxiety is simply stress less. Of course stress is not fully under our control and we can not simply "I don't want stress" to get rid of it. But there's something we can do to the conscious part of stress, the part we volountarily cause. And you know what? We'll get better results than before!
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That's what happened to me these days: I've had many exams and only a short time to study, so I'd have normally had a lot of stress and anxiety for this situation, but instead of doing like this, I decided to take it easier, face one exam by one and organize my time to spend less hours on the books and grant more time to relax. And it worked! I studied less, but better, and got better notes!
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I must admit it's not so natural to me living life like this because I instinctively aim at perfection and study a lot until I know everything and I feel completely ready for the exams, but I've realized that being a perfectionist doesn't help so much. Or, at least, be such a perfectionist doesn't help so much!
As in everything, exaggeration is never positive.
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Sooo lovely Hearters, this is my experience about stress, hope it was inspiring and it helped you even only a little bit to live life in a simplier and stressless way. It's not worth it worrying so much, I can guarantee you!

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Thank you so much for reading!
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