Hey! Raven here!
I've seen this challenge a lot and I thought it may be fun to try it! Let's do this!


oversized hoodies, eyebrows on fleek, and flawless eyelashes image basket, beauty, and dz image fashion, girl, and moda image fashion, style, and sweater image
Most of my style consists of a TON of oversized hoodies, along with preppy clothing. I love pullover sweaters and collared blouses pair with sweaters. I can't forget my sneakers!


emerald, green, and guitars image shoes, boots, and grunge image black, fashion, and heels image fashion, style, and burgundy image
My go to favorite colors are usually dark. Emerald Green is my favorite, followed by Silver, Black, and then Maroon.


lana del rey, Queen, and lana image bed, book, and comfortable image hamilton and musical image broadway, hamilton, and musical image
My big hobbies include mostly writing, singing, listening to music (Broadway) and acting! WORK! (that's a line from The Schuyler Sisters in Hamilton, if you didn't know)


delicious, pasta, and food image fastfood, food, and tacos image food, steaks, and еда image oreo, food, and ice cream image
I love all Italian food (and I am Italian)! I also love Tacos, Steak, and Ice Cream (mostly Cookies and Cream)!


animals and horse image animal, germany, and beauty image ❤ and ًًًًًًًًًًًًً image Image by Lalycorne 2.0
My favorite animals (or a few) are Horses, Greman Shepards, Tigers, and Koalas!


robin, cyborg, and beast boy image once upon a time, ouat, and series image best show ever, love it, and so good image article image
The only show I am still consistent with watching is Teen Titans Go (this so is so stupid, but so hilarious) I also like Once Upon a Time, Blue Bloods, and The Flash


city, new york, and nyc image broadway, disney, and musical image black, found, and lost image boy, broadway, and city image
I am an absolute Broadway FANATIC! My four favorite musicals to listen to are Hamilton, Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, and School of Rock


girl, hair, and sweater image slytherin, green, and aesthetic image friends, girl, and friendship image school, grades, and quotes image
I have, like, two different personalities. At school, I am a shy student. When I'm with my friends, I am funny and always cracking stupid jokes, absolute weirdo, and insane! I am sarcastic both at school and with friends.


aesthetic, vintage, and nostalgic image quotes, hope, and words image hate, people, and disney image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
I don't know if these are considered actual quotes, but this is what I think a lot

Hope you liked looking at this...challenge...thing.
Have a good life and a good school year!!!
(The cover picture is the Potions Classroom in Harry Potter)