Hi everyone!!!After publishing my article titled "Beautiful Latin Words",I decided that it would be a good idea to write an article,regarding phrases this time.So,here you have it:

  • Amantes amentes: The ones in love are crazy

(Notes: Amantes:the ones in love,amentes:a privative + mens meaning brain,[logic here],sunt:are,the verb that can be inferred)

  • Omnia vincit amor:Love wins everything

(Notes:omnia:everything,vincit[from the verb vinco]:wins,amor:love)

  • Res,non verba:Deeds,not words

(Notes: res:actions,deeds[here,it literally means thing],non:not,verba:words[from the noun verbum in singular])

  • Verba volant,scripta manent:Spoken words fly away,written words remain

(Notes: verba:words[from the noun verbum in singular],volant:fly away[from the verb volo],scripta:written words,manent:remain[from the verb maneo])

  • Non omnia possumus omnes: we all are not capable of all things

(Notes:omnia:everything,all things,omnes:all,everyone,non possumus:can't[from the verb possum])

  • Cogito,ergo sum: I think,therefore I am

(Notes: Cogito:I think,ergo:therefore,sum:I am[the pronoun ego:I can be inferred as the subject of the verbs])

  • Omnia mors aequat:Death equals everything

(Notes: omnia:everything,mors:death,aequat:equals)

  • Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus: We are slaves of the law so that we can be free.

(Notes: legum:of the law[from the noun lex:law],servi:slave[from the noun servus],sumus:we are[from the verb sum and the pronoun nos can be inferred as the subject of the verb],ut:so that,liberi:free[from the adjective liber],esse:to be[infinitive of the verb sum in Present],possimus:can[from the verb possum])

Here you are,some phrases in Latin that are too beautiful not too be used.The notes below are mine,so feel free to tell me if I have any mistakes

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