hello! today i'm going to be doing some " banana yellow " aesthetics! basically pastel yellow aesthetics. i decided to do this instead of " books i read this month, " because i will be doing that article after this. i hope enjoy this short article! xo.


aesthetic fashion aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic blouse aesthetic clothes aesthetic adidas


Superthumb Superthumb inspiration aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb

3 | FOODS!

aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb aesthetic delicious Superthumb food aesthetic aesthetic lemon


kpop fetish fetish fetish Taylor Swift Taylor Swift gif icon


Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb fetish Superthumb Superthumb

6 | SHOES!

nike converse Superthumb huarache

7 | NAILS!

nail polish nails aesthetic Superthumb

8 | OTHER!

art background Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic pastel

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