I looked after these "100 questions"-Challenges and I found a very cute Article:

lips, nails, and piercing image

Well, actually I'm supposed to do homework right now (I've been procrastinating the whole day), but... whatever. I think it's a cute idea, so have fun reading it :)
P.S.: Feel free to send messages maybe for a feedback or just anything you think about, I'd love to read some of your ideas or even just to get to know my Hearters a little bit better :)


1. Coffee or tea ?

autumn, fall, and fire image beauty, cacao, and coffee image chocolate, food, and marshmallow image coffee, food, and christmas image

2. Black and white or color ?

beautiful, pink, and purple image sky, stars, and night image wallpaper, cereal, and food image aesthetic, crystal, and rainbow image

3. Drawings or paintings ?

stars, art, and hands image art, drawing, and grunge image blue, grunge, and aesthetic image love, art, and couple image

4. Dresses or skirts ?

outfit, adidas, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image beautiful, elegant, and estilo image fashion, girl, and style image

5. Books or movies ?

book, reading, and light image book, quotes, and soul image book, girl, and pink image black, broken, and text image

6. Pepsi or Coke ?

Image by florens theme, aesthetic, and black image gif, anime, and aesthetic image Image by germarymoncada

7. Chinese or Italian ?

food, night, and ghetto image chocolate, drink, and food image fashion, tumblr girl, and love image friends, italy, and travel image

8. Early bird or night owl ?

couple, love, and boy image girl, bed, and morning image bed, hair, and morning image grunge, night, and boy image
Night owl, but some days I love to wake up when the sun rises up.

9. Chocolate or vanilla ?

chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, cake, and food image chocolate, food, and kinder image chocolate, food, and yummy image

10. Introvert or extrovert ?

girl, makeup, and beauty image girl, rose, and flowers image girl, hair, and purple image soap, introvert, and blue image

11. Hugs or kisses ?

couple, love, and kiss image couple, love, and kiss image
Those kind of kisses.
couple, forever, and protection image couple, love, and Relationship image
And those hugs.

12. Hunting or fishing ?

Image by Traceyanne McCartney
Neither hunting nor fishing.

13. Winter or summer?

summer, pink, and pool image beautiful, girl, and cute image beach, beautiful, and beauty image best friends, girl, and friends image

14. Spring or Autumn?

book, light, and autumn image animal, horse, and autumn image autumn, car, and colors image candle, bath, and bathroom image

15. Rural or urban ?

winter, snow, and bed image bathroom, house, and home image Image by Danielle home, interior, and house image

16. PC or Mac ?

gif image

17. Tan or pale ?

beach, summer, and girl image bikini, body, and fitness image summer, beach, and bikini image nature, praia, and tropical image
Tan (because I love summer and this goes with it, but every skin color is beautiful<3).

18. Cake or pie ?

cake, healthy, and chocolate image chocolate, food, and cake image cake, chocolate, and pink image brownies, chocolate, and oreo image

19. Ice cream or yogurt ?

Useless and you+can+fuck+off;) image unicorn, food, and sweet image food, ice cream, and chocolate image Image by astralxhoe
Ice Cream.

20. Ketchup or mustard?

cocktail, French Fries, and fruit image
Cocktail Sauce (a mix of ketchup, mustard and mayoinnaise).

21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles ?

jewellery, miniature, and pickles image

22. Comedy or mystery ?

laugh, how i met your mother, and funny image 90, movie, and ‘90s image beautiful, fun, and very funny image movie, rubias, and pelicula image

23. Boots or sandals ?

fashion, style, and black image fashion image

24. Silver or gold ?

car, luxury, and mercedes image Image by Q u e e n rose, drink, and summer image crown, Queen, and rose gold image
Rosé Gold.

25. Pop or Rock ?

music, disney, and punk image

26. Dancing or singing ?

ballet, dance, and ballerina image love, rain, and couple image Image by Mary Image removed

27. Checkers or chess ?

fashion, style, and outfit image vans, shoes, and black image aesthetics, black, and tumblr image theme and skirt image
Checkers because I like the pattern.

28. Board games or video games ?

game, arcade, and vintage image Abusive image pink, anime, and game image controller, gamer, and games image
Video games.

29. Wine or beer ?

alcohol, beach, and beer image

30. Freckles or dimples ?

baby, cute, and family image smile, boy, and dimples image dimples, girl, and black and white image Harry Styles and handsome image

31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce ?

bbq, bread, and corn image

32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights ?

beauty, casual, and lover image girl, bed, and sun image
None, sleep hard.

33. Baseball or basketball ?

baseball, aesthetic, and sport image

34. Crossword puzzles or sudokus?

hands, photography, and vintage image
Crossword puzzles.

35. Facial hair or clean shaven ?

boy, guy, and icon image guy, men, and tolgahan image boy, guy, and Hot image actor, handsome, and stubble image

36. Crushed ice or cubed ice ?

pink, drink, and rose gold image crushed, cube, and cubes image
Crushed ice.

37. Skiing or snowboarding ?

Skiing, snow, and snowboarding image
I'd love to try both.

38. Smile or game face ?

Image by schlausi1 aesthetic, beauty, and black image girl, hair, and makeup image girl and beauty image
Always smile.

39. Bracelet or necklace ?

fashion, girl, and style image Image by NatalieBLUMRAIN diamond, choker, and luxury image fashion, style, and necklace image

40. Fruit or vegetables ?

drink, summer, and fruit image voss, fruit, and water image girl, fruit, and goals image strawberry, food, and fruit image

41. Sausage or bacon ?

bacon and food image

42. Scrambled or fried ?

food, fries, and yummy image

43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate ?

chocolate, oreo, and food image chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, food, and brown image bitter, cool, and delicious image
Dark chocolate.

44. Tattoos or piercings ?

tattoo, rose, and flowers image planets and tattoo image girl, tattoo, and stars image tattoo, twenty one pilots, and Lyrics image

45. Antique or brand new ?

vintage, hipster, and camera image bus, indie, and skate image music, vintage, and pink image shoes image

46. Dress up or dress down ?

girl, snapchat, and makeup image fashion, girl, and luxury image girls image girls, love, and happiness image
Dress up.

47. Cowboys or aliens ?

horse and cowboy image caballos, Cowgirl, and vaqueras image black, dog, and horse image horse, boy, and cowboy image
Cowgirls and -boys.

48. Cats or dogs ?

photography image dog, cute, and animal image Image by Sasha Cempil cat, animal, and aesthetic image
Cats and dogs.

49. Pancakes or waffles ?

pink, pancakes, and food image Image by Ленка chocolate, food, and pancakes image food, chocolate, and pancakes image

50. Bond or Bourne ?

boy, danger, and matt damon image daniel craig, James Bond, and 007 image
I dont care.

51. Sci-Fi or fantasy ?

buildings, deviantart, and digital art image

52. Numbers or letters ?

girl, aesthetic, and body image b&w, quotes, and texts image love, revolution, and wall image aesthetic, blue, and german image

53. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ?

edit, fandom, and lord of the rings image fandom, hobbit, and lord of the rings image aesthetic, fandom, and the two towers image aesthetic, fandom, and books image
Lord of the rings.

54. Fair or theme park ?

friendship, girls, and friends image coachella, summer, and festival image light, london, and tree image pink, cotton candy, and food image

55. Money or fame ?

Image removed Image by slaynel♡ Flagged For Review couple, gif, and money image

56. Washing dishes or doing laundry ?

baby and sweet image
Washing dishes.

57. Snakes or sharks ?

summer, beach, and ocean image tumblr, softghetto, and interneta boyz image shark and socks image summer, friends, and shark image

58. Orange juice or apple juice ?

drink, summer, and food image cocktail, drink, and yummy image orange, food, and fruit image summer, food, and fruit image
Orange juice. I get skin rashes from apple juice.

59. Sunrise or sunset ?

beach, sky, and time image travel image grunge, night, and friends image Flagged For Review

60. Slacker or over-achiever ?

luxury, girl, and Louis Vuitton image
Both, kinda.

61. Pen or pencil ?

art, flowers, and yellow image drawing, art, and draw image flowers, art, and drawing image book, bird, and art image

62. Peanut butter or jelly ?

food, bread, and peanut butter image yellow, tumblr, and hair image
Peanut butter.

63. Grammys or Oscars ?

emma stone, oscar, and leonardo dicaprio image

64. Detailed or abstract ?

abstract, background, and color image art, drawing, and kiss image abstract, art, and doodle image drawing, modern art, and painting image

65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions ?

test, funny, and lol image

66. Adventurous or cautious ?

boy, girl, and photograph image travel, nature, and forest image girl, free, and freedom image travel, car, and nature image

67. Saver or spender ?

body, city, and night image Image by slaynel♡ car, gold, and shisha image shoes, heels, and glitter image

68. Glasses or contacts ?

babe, contacts, and eye image color contacts image girl, glasses, and makeup image Image by kaye
I personally prefer to wear contacts, because my view is much better than when wearing glasses. But I think they look cute!

69. Laptop or desktop ?

white, home, and decor image coffee and food image

70. Classic or modern ?

fashion, style, and tumblr image

71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer ?

chocolate, heart, and food image girl, kitchen, and vintage image food, pasta, and cheese image kitchen, food, and girl image
Personal chef.

72. Internet or cell phone ?

internet, grunge, and tumblr image

73. Call or text ?

red, aesthetic, and vintage image artsy, bath, and fun image

74. Curly hair or straight hair ?

classy, fashion, and princess image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image hair, hairstyle, and brown image hair, beauty, and style image
Both is beautiful.

75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening ?

aesthetic, blue, and grunge image Copyrighted image aesthetic, girl, and indie image alternative, art, and bun image
Nightly showers.

76. Spicy or mild ?

pink, drink, and water image

77. Marvel or DC ?

africa, animal, and art image Abusive image

78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent ?

interior, bed, and bedroom image
Paying rent.

79. Sky dive or bungee jump ?

sky, fly, and skydiving image friends, ocean, and sea image feet image skydive and skydiving image

80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy ?

yummy image aesthetic, chocolate, and black image oreo, food, and rainbow image Copyrighted image

81. Jello or pudding ?

aesthetic, beautiful, and jello image alcohol, colourful, and delicious image pink, food, and pale image jello image

82. Truth or dare ?

friends, grunge, and party image night, couple, and grunge image

83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel ?

Image by Victoria 🦋 light, fun, and ferris wheel image Image by Helena💫 ferris wheel, lights, and london eye image
Ferris wheel.

84. Leather or denim ?

fashion, girl, and flowers image girl, jeans, and tumblr image Image by Q u e e n Image by Q u e e n

85. Stripes or solids ?

fashion, clothes, and pink image clothing, outfits, and pink image

86. Bagels or muffins ?

food, coffee, and breakfast image food, chocolate, and donuts image

87. Whole wheat or white ?

breakfast, eggs, and maple syrup image
Whole wheat.

88. Beads or pearls ?

necklace, pearls, and naszyjnik image Image removed crown, Queen, and rose gold image bride, design, and floral image

89. Hardwood or carpet ?

window, wood, and light image kitchen, home, and decor image book lovers, open plan design, and proudly present image exotic interior floor, perfect wooden floor, and dark hardwood material image

90. Bright colors or neutral tones ?

interior, home, and makeup image fashion, beauty, and makeup image quotes, neon, and light image dress, fashion, and white image
Neutral tones.

91. Be older than you are or younger than you are ?

fashion, baby, and outfit image Image by Takács Péter baby and cute image baby, fashion, and winter image
I'd love to be a child again.

92. Raisins or nuts ?

background, beauty, and inspiration image almonds, fitness, and nuts image chocolate, food, and toffifee image chocolate, food, and ice cream image

93. Picnic or nice restaurant ?

sunset, picnic, and nature image beach, summer, and sea image friends, summer, and nature image friends, beach, and drink image

94. Black leather or brown leather ?

boots, cheval, and old image brown, hd, and details image bmw, car, and luxury image flowers, car, and chanel image
Brown leather.

95. Long hair or short hair ?

hair, girl, and style image ass, blond, and butt image hair, blonde, and blue image girl, hair, and drawing image
Long hair. But it has to be healthy (not like mine lol)

96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim” ?

quotes, rebellion, and rebel image

97. Fiction or non-fiction ?

mermaid, ocean, and H2o image moon, dinosaur, and space image animals, gif, and grunge image whale, nature, and art image

98. Smoking or non-smoking?

smoking, smoke, and simpsons image

99. Think before you talk or talk before you think ?

quote, mind, and mouth image

100. Asking questions or answering questions ?

girl, grunge, and alternative image
Answering questions.