I absolutely love movies. I thought about doing an article with all my favorite movies, but it would be a very long article.
So I decided to split it into genres.
One article for romantic movies, one for horror and so on.

As you´ve probably already realized, this article is about my favorite romantic movies.

The Notebook

love, the notebook, and movie image the notebook, love, and hug image love, the notebook, and movie image love, the notebook, and couple image

This is about an old woman and an old man. Every day, the man reads a story to the woman about a couple in the 40s. The movie basically just follow the couple's journey together.
It´s based on Nicholas Sparks´ novel.

If you haven´t seen it and you love super cute romance, you must watch it! (Available on Netflix)

Letters to Juliet

love, letters to juliet, and amanda seyfried image letters to juliet, amanda seyfried, and movie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It amanda seyfried, letters to juliet, and blonde image

This is about a girl, Sophie, who travels to Verona with her fiancé on a "pre-honeymoon". There she finds an old letter written by a heartbroken girl. She decides to answer the letter and the next things she knows the, now old, woman who wrote the letter shows up. Sophie, the woman, and the woman´s grandson go on an adventure to find the woman´s first love. (I didn´t know if this was classified as a romantic movie or not, but it is to me)

(used to be available on Netflix, but sadly they removed it...)

Dear John

love, dear john, and couple image dear john, love, and couple image amanda seyfried, dear john, and blonde image dear john, cry, and sad image

"Dear John" is about a guy, John, who meets a girl, Savannah. They fall in love within two weeks, but John is in the armé and has to leave for a year. During that year they send letters to each other. I can´t really tell you more because I don´t want to spoil the whole thing.
This is definitely a more dramatic romance and there´s a lot of crying scenes.
It´s based on Nicholas Sparks novel.

(Available on Netflix)


titanic, love, and jack image titanic, love, and leonardo dicaprio image gif, titanic, and love image titanic, love, and rose image

This is the most romantic and saddest movie I´ve ever watched.
If it isn´t obvious, it´s based on the Titanic sinking in 1912.
We follow Jack, a poor guy, and Rose, a rich woman.
They are both passengers on the ship Titanic. They meet and fall in love almost right away. There´s a lot of romantic stuff happening until the ship hit an iceberg. I don´t want to spoil anything but I think it´s pretty obvious what happens, but don´t read this if you´re afraid of spoilers.
So, the ship sink. And then I really can´t say any more. But you have to watch it if you haven´t already!

(Not available on Netflix)

Romeo & Juliet (1996)

gif image leonardo dicaprio, romeo and juliet, and movie image leonardo dicaprio, romeo and juliet, and movie image leonardo dicaprio, romeo and juliet, and claire danes image

Another movie with the most beautiful creature in the world.
The 1996 adaption of Romeo & Juliet is my favorite. If you don´t know what Romeo & Juliet is about, it´s about forbidden love. This movie is set in the present (1996 when the movie was made). But the how they talk is a bit special. They talk in the way William Shakespear (the writer of the original play) wrote it, which means it´s kind of weird. But you get used to it after a few minutes.

(Not available on Netflix)

These are all my favorite romance movies. If you love romance you should definitely watch all these.

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