Impress fashion aesthetic Superthumb
Reached this point in my life where I couldn't care less.


fashion clothes adidas clothes
When I have time to bother with what i wear I prefer monochrome outfits.On a daily base two piece outfits are a life saver.I think I can do a lot better if I invest time on it. I am still working on it though.


aesthetic alternative aesthetic Superthumb
I listen to a little bit of pretty much everything. Right now I have a soft spot for kpop and one my favorite genres is alternative. ( From top left to down right we have: Chase Atlantic, The Neighborhood, Blackbear and BTS. )


Superthumb ballerina Superthumb aesthetic
I am fascinated by every kind of art and I try to busy myself with a little bit of everything. Even if I am not exactly good at it.


blue beach aesthetic architecture
I love colors in general but blue in all of its shades holds a special spot in my heart.


Superthumb Superthumb inception spirited away
The Collateral, Gwai wik, Inception and Spirited Away are probably my favorite movies


cake delicious Superthumb food
I just love food.


animal animal animal animal
We don't deserve animals tbh.

That's all. Thank you for bothering to read this. ♡