In the movies, the rain is used for two purposes. To show two different feelings; love and sadness. So you can easily watch a passionate kiss under the rain or a sad funeral to make the moment darker. But I didn't really watch a movie where the people get frustrated because of the rain.

My reality when it rains is that I and my things end up all wet. I feel uncomfortable and I cannot seat on the bus or in the metro. And I get madder if I took the moment to dress up in beautiful clothes to finish like I jump into the river.

I am amazed at how people get this invention for the new phone or for a new coffee maker, but did anyone think of a better invention other than an umbrella?? I mean it helps, but not really when there is a strong wind. The raincoat is an idea but I still end up wet and my things more than me.

So umbrella, why did you stay behind? Because of the frustration, you provoke me, I think that I will never experience this passionate kiss under the rain.