Hey everyone! : D
I'm going to start a series on zodiac signs and this time it's about prom dresses.
so I give each constellation 2 dresses based on the explanation.
the explanation is in this link. lots of fun!


Elle Fanning and fashion image dress and blue image


fall winter, Zuhair Murad, and 2015 2016 image dress, white, and wedding image


collection, Couture, and evening gown image dress, fashion, and elie saab image


dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and gown image


dress, fashion, and style image chiffon, comfortable, and fashion image


dress and wedding image dress, pink, and wedding image


elie saab, fashion, and dress image dress and beauty image


dress, fashion, and white image dress and paolo sebastian image


Image by Elaine Alves kylie jenner, jenner, and kylie image


dress, red, and prom dress image dress, fashion, and style image


dress and black image dress, elie saab, and runway image


dress, fashion, and wedding dress image Couture, maxi, and dress image

Okay, for the next part you can choose. I give 5 categories and you choose 1 and send that in a message to me, then I look which has the most votes and that's it.

1. ZODIAC SIGN/ which boy is for you?
2. ZODIAC SIGN/ houses
3. ZODIAC SIGN/ which prom shoes are for you?
4. ZODIAC SIGN/ who is your prom date?
5. ZODIAC SIGN/ prom make-up

if you want to know more then give this article a heart so that I know you liked it. thank you and until next time.

XOXO Gingergirl