Today I'm doing an article that I have seen quite frequently on this site lately and it looks like tons of fun to do. So today I am going to be doing my name, Juliana, in colors, specifically crayon colors. I'll tell you the name of the crayon and also which brand they are from. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to do your own article you can go on this site for help with picking out colors. They have them alphabetized by letter, and also tell you which brand of crayon they are from and additionally they have colors for practically any letter! Here's the link!

Without further ado lets get started:

J-Jade by Crayola

Image by Marie J green, plants, and wallpaper image in my head image love, green, and quotes image green, plants, and nature image elephant, animal, and nature image

U-Ultra Violet by Crayola

alien, grunge, and aesthetic image quotes, grunge, and purple image purple image yellow, neon, and light image aesthetic and purple image glitter, makeup, and grunge image

L-Lemon Yellow by Crayola

yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image yellow, aesthetic, and candy image yellow and cry baby image Image by ramonaelena_2 yellow, aesthetic, and window image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image

I-Ivory by RoseArt

beautiful, europe, and fountain image aesthetic, alternative, and colors image music, piano, and aesthetic image chanel, white, and nails image love, quotes, and marble image chandelier, light, and luxury image

A-Aquamarine by Crayola

aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image blue and gem image blue, donuts, and food image wallpaper, blue, and watercolor image blue, bricks, and pastel image nails image

N-Navy Blue by Crayola

aesthetic, dark, and alternative image flowers, blue, and envelope image stars, blue, and sky image blue, dark, and aesthetic image blue, comfy, and navy blue image blue, navy blue, and dark image

A-Amethyst by Crayola

feelings, light, and pink image cry, sad, and room image amethyst, wallpaper, and crystal image stars, light, and purple image amethyst, purple, and aesthetic image Image removed

Hope you enjoyed and got inspired to make your own!!(: