Everyone studied different, but I also included mistake-management which is a psycholocal learn problem we have, which is also caused by our school system. I'm going to start with this topic.


Imagine, you write a test in school and you made a mistake. A lot of them. So, you go home with a bad mood because you made a mistake. That's wrong, sometimes it's not a mistake, because it still could show that you understood the actual princip behind it, but just made a mistake in that specific case your teacher wanted to know from you.
We need to learn that it's okay to make mistakes because it doesn't mean that you are completely wrong or stupid.

Sometimes it's just that you don't understand the teacher, it's because you both have a different "net of understanding or explanations".
For example, I'll explain to you the word 'Elephant', I say it have four legs and a trunk. You would say this explination is not good, because you have a different understanding under the word Elephant.
Which means we both don't have the same structure in that part of the net or understanding and we need to find a similarity to understand each other.
Neither you or your teacher is stupid, it's just because you have a different net.

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For everyone it's different, for me it's easier to learn alone because I'm an Introvert. For some other people it's easier to connect in a team, so it completely depends on how you are. But it sometimes helps a lot to get an explanation from one of your friends.

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Some people need a backround sound, when I learn I either am in a library or at home with headphones on. I like the sounds of people talking to each other or something living, it sounds weird but I mostly "watch" a Let's Play while learning. But this one also depends on you. But just as a tip, you'll going crayz if you only hear the silent ticktock of a clock, so you should have at least a bit of sound in the backround.

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You should always make breaks, it's good if you can't concentrate anymore. It's already enough when you just go to the toilet or take a sip of water and a minute staring into the nowhere. Little breaks are already enough to calm yourself down and to get your concentration back. Btw don't forget to eat or drink.

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Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

  • Visual: Some people learn easier if they see for example mind maps, keywords, lists, videos or tables. Writing and reading are there best way to learn.
  • Auditory: Here is sound the main point, videos, reading out loud, discussions or word connections.
  • Kinesthetic: Those people need movements while learning or something to touch, for example cards, experiments or even just playing with a pen while learning.
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While you're in class, note down words, questions, meanings, etc. things your teacher or other students said which you didn't understood. You could directly ask them or just search them up at home and note them down where you need them, btw use a different color for notes on your paper so you know which is the lesson based information and your search based information

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Sometimes it helps to note down things in your phone or have photographs of your notes so you always could get a check on them for example on the train or bus. It's also easier to send it to a friend if they need it,too. I personally use Notebloc, it transform your notes into pictures.

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It's hard sometimes to staw awake, I personally love coffee, but some other love tea much more. Either tea or coffee is okay, a little snack with sugar is okay, too. But it just boost you up for a really short time and you get a lack of concentration afterwards, also it's unhealthy so I wouldn't recommend you that.

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Teachers don't give you homework just for fun, it's an exercise for you guys. As much as some people hate them, it is just important to do them.

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