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you say that fire is heartless
but I do not think the same
the way it bends and dances
beneath the eyes of shame
it shows me something hurt it,
so it only does the same
the red heat rising upward-
is just trying to protect its flame

you say that ice is heartless.
but i couldn’t disagree more
the way it shatters into nothing
like it’s fragile heart was tore
it only returns the favor,
that a wicked hand once brought
it freezes and kills to shut things out
because inside it’s rot

you say that I am heartless,
but who are you to blame?
I was full of life and love
until you took your aim
you shattered me like ice
you burnt me like a flame
and now you wonder why, oh why
i dare not speak your name

so do not call me heartless
because yours lacks a beat
you whispered that you loved me
and left me crying in the street

so do not call me heartless
because if i was it wouldn’t hurt
that you tainted my security
and treated me like dirt

the boy in the mirror is heartless
when you look him in the eye
tell him that I'm sorry
that he cannot see his lie

the boy in the mirror is heartless
but his pride, it cannot rest
because he points at me
but cannot hide
the hole inside his chest