I think my favorite thing about you, is the way you make me feel.
Like constant, overwhelming, and unexplainable happiness.
It’s the kind of happiness that also comes with
A ray of sunshine, shining on your face;
A bright and booming rainbow, even after the ugliest storm;
The ongoing comfort of a warm fireplace;
Or pure, uninterrupted, normalcy.
It seems to make you a little more human than the rest of us.

But that warm happiness that you make me feel,
The one that courses through my veins,
Making its way to my heart,
It's addictive, like a drug.
I keep coming back, just in time for my next fix.
It makes my heart beat too fast,
And sometimes stop altogether.
Why does it have to be like this?

It’s because you’re damaged, just like the rest of us.
You've been beaten down,
Your pieces so little, you never thought they could fit back together.
You've taken too many drinks at too many parties,
Trying to numb the pain others leave you in.
You've been lied to so much,
You have trouble believing anything people say,
Thinking there's always a reason someone's being so nice.

I can’t help myself from thinking, from wondering.
The way I love you, it's simply unnatural.
It consumes me like a desperate, angry fire.
Although it brings me warmth, it also brings me constant, irreparable pain.
I depend on you for my survival, despite all my fears.
But time after time, I keep coming back to your light, the only beacon in my darkness.
Somehow, you’re the love that made all the other ones