As a 19 year old individual I'm just wondering all the time how I should deal with the fact that I'm gradually becoming a grown up.
There is the stress, the anger, the fear of not being good enough, all of the pressure. I just read in the paper that 1 in 4 people between 18 and 25 is depressed. Am I surprised about that? No, not really.
Just by looking at myself I can see why. Although I'm far away from becoming depressed all of the change in my life and the expectations everyone around me seems to have really do get to me.
I'm already thinking about if my grades in Uni are really good enough to get me a well paid and fun Job. Because I'm thinking about that all the time I put a lot of pressure on myself to study hard, maybe too hard. But how come? I feel like the question is easy to answer: Society has expectations, society has certain standards. If you don't fulfill these expectations you are a failure.
But is this really how we are supposed to feel? Are we supposed to be depressed, stressed, pressured and sad in our early 20ies? When life only just begins?
Are we supposed to be worrying about jobs and money?
I don't want all of this to bother me but it does. So what can I do to not let all of that get to me? Why can't society give us an answer to that?