I've been finding some good ass songs lately, so why not make another one of these?

Let's just get right into it.

  • I Don't Wanna Live Forever - ZAYN x Taylor Swift
bts, jikook, and jimin image
wait wtf go a lil closer lol

An amazing song. An amazing voice. High notes. Sick beat. The total package. I've said this before, Jungkook and Zayn have a similar singing style, so I think Jungkook would sound amazing singing this song. Let's do it. He could sing it with Jimin. Split up the Taylor and Zayn parts. Damn. Jikook/Kookmin stans would die.

  • You - 11:11
bangtan, jeon jeongguk, and jungkook. bts image bts, jeon jeongguk, and bangtan image
"but what you do to me is everything"

WHAT A SONG. It has a very similar sound to Zayn, so Jungkook hop on this please. You've been very rude lately and you owe it to me to cover this song. He could play his little piano and everything while recording this oh my god. It is smooth and slow with a nasty break down that kills me every time.

  • Attention - the Weeknd
jungkook, bts, and gif image
"tell me where it went wrong"

I love me some Abel. This is such a chill song with an amazing beat. It is a little in the higher range because Abel can do that kinda stuff, but so can Jungkook. So, Kookie, please, cover this song. & the little humming in the background? God, kills me.

I couldn't find a video with Abel's song, so I gave a cover that sounds pretty similar.

This next song...

bts, meme, and jungkook image
  • Woman - Harry Styles
bts, jungkook, and kpop image bts, jungkook, and kpop image
"Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?"

Oh my. My bias from One Direction and my bias wrecker from BTS? What a perfect match. Just an amazing song. Could you imagine Jungkook speaking the first line of the song?????????????? I would fucking die. And be happy about it. This song has such a smooth and slow pulse through it. I would love to hear Jungkook sing a rock-n-roll style song instead of r&b. Spread ya wings. Fly a little close to the sun sometimes.

  • Close - Nick Jonas x Tove Lo
gif, idol, and bts image
"with just one breath i'm locked in"

Nick Jonas never fails to make an amazing song. I would love to hear Kookie sing this song with an acoustic guitar (Jin, honey, hook him up) or piano so I could really listen to his breathy voice. That would be nice... and rude.

  • Sweater Weather (spotify session version) - the Neighbourhood
bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image jin, rm, and jungkook image
"touch my neck and i'll touch yours"

This would be a perfect opportunity for Jungkook to show off his piano skills that he has been practicing so fervently (I'm sure lol). This is a nice slow song that would allow JK's voice to shine. Thanks. On to the next one.

  • Fetish - Selena Gomez x Gucci Mane
gif, bts, and jungkook image
me jamming to this fucking bop

Just do it, for me. Thanks. Even just speaking the words will do. Or putting it on your spotify playlist. I love Selena. Get RM to rap Gucci's part. This is all I want in life.

  • Intro: Serendipity - BTS (Jimin)
jungkook, bts, and kpop image couple, bts, and jungkook image
"you're my penicillin"

I think I would actually die if this happened. Could you imagine Jungkook covering his hyung's song? Could you imagine if they did A DUET!? Lord, Jikook/kookmin really on my mind today. I just want to hear JK try to hit Jimin's high notes. I wanna see if he can do it lol.

  • Move - Taemin
gif, jungkook, and bts image
"you got the rhythm"

This needs to happen. I want to see JK, Jimin, and Hoseok perform this on a stage in front of thousands of people, moving their shoulders and hips like my boy Taemin. Do it, now. This song is so sexy and suave I need to see these boys recreate it.

  • Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
jungkook, bts, and kpop image bts, jungkook, and kpop image
"i want you and your beautiful soul"

A sweet song. A rude sweet boy. Let's make this happen. IDK if they know about Jesse McCartney in Korea, but they should. Jesse was my first celebrity crush. Wow, that makes me sound old omfg. My cousins don't even know who this mastermind was. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. I would love to hear Jin and JK cover this song, because Jin's magnificent voice would sound amazing harmonizing with JK's smooth vocals. Okay, I'm done.