We live in a world, in which people don't appreciate the time. They think about their future every day and don't see trifles, which make our life so beautiful. Every morning we wake up with thoughts about our plans for the day and our problems. But we don't have free time that to understand that our life is short and not for us to work forever and suffer from a lack of time. Our childhood passes so quickly that we do not remember much of this wonderful time of our life. Our first word, first step, first love, first friend....We don't remember these little things.

I think, we should stop sometimes and admire the nature, recall pleasant moments from our life, recall our childhood experiences and joys. And then we will understand that we need to live as we want, appreciating precious time. What could be more beautiful than the laughter of our dear people or the smile of a loved one? What could be more beautiful than a morning with your favorite pet or person? What could be more beautiful than going to the forest or traveling to a new place? Correctly - nothing. Thanks to such little things in our lives, we live.

Appreciate them and appreciate the time.