Hello everyone! These are my everyday skin care products. I do have a oily skin and i tested lots of stuff and this in my opinion are very good. This is tips are for the day time part.

1. Cleaning

I think that you should find a face washing gel that it didn't dry too much your skin.

avene cleanance soapless image
This is the best product that i ever tested

After Washing with the cleaning gel, make sure to use a micelar water after.

beautiful, beauty, and face image blue, pink, and garnier image
These are even for sensible skin, no damage on the skin. Relay on me!


Use something that contains some sort of cream so your face won't be that dry.

face and mask image
Only in DM stores you can find this

3. Hydratation

Out there in the stores are a few creams for oily skin. I kind of tried all of them so these are the best.

natural, skin, and garnier image
you can use all the creams from Garnier Hydra Adapt (my fav is the purple one)

I hope that this article was useful for you. Take care of your skin and yourself. Be safe and have a great week!