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Here it's the second part of my article about what is happiness.
There'll be eight parts in total.

(n.) pleasant emotions and a feeling of positivity or intense joy"

13. New clothes

autumn black black alternative

14. Learn new things

book guitar book gif

15. Hear someone's heartbeat

Superthumb balloons aesthetic heart

16. Sun showers

beach beach Superthumb beach

17. Birds chirping

animal animal Superthumb Superthumb

18. Gentle ocean waves

beach beach beach Superthumb

19. The smell of freshly baked bread

breakfast bread bread breakfast

20. Colorful flowers

beautiful colorful blue girl

21. The sound of children laughing

baby children baby africa

22. Fresh, delicious food

delicious breakfast Superthumb food

23. The sound of trees rustling in the wind

adventure forest Superthumb autumn

24. The feeling you get when somebody smiles at you

aesthetic 50's boy beauty

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