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Here it's the second part of my article about what is happiness.
There'll be eight parts in total.

(n.) pleasant emotions and a feeling of positivity or intense joy"

13. New clothes

fashion, sweater, and style image fashion, white, and black image fashion, grey, and sweater image fashion, style, and clothes image

14. Learn new things

beach, gold, and chill image guitar, music, and musician image book, books, and literatura image film, gif, and piano image

15. Hear someone's heartbeat

aesthetic, alternative, and heartbeat image pink, heart, and light image aesthetic, girl, and art gallery image heart, pink, and قلب image

16. Sun showers

motivation, beach tumblr, and perfection image girl, beach, and summer image beach, blue, and girls image Image by sofia_giaccio31

17. Birds chirping

bird, animal, and rainbow image bird, hand, and animal image birds, oiseaux, and tropical image birds, cute, and love image

18. Gentle ocean waves

beach, ocean, and summer image beach, ocean, and summer image Image by •𝒲𝒶𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝓁𝓊𝓈𝓉• aesthetics, beach, and brazil image

19. The smell of freshly baked bread

coffee, food, and breakfast image Image by 5884 delicious, food, and minimal image bread, brown, and coffee image

20. Colorful flowers

beautiful, summer, and colours image colourful, colours, and flowers image beautiful, colours, and flowers image aesthetics, beauty, and colours image

21. The sound of children laughing

baby, kids, and family image children and watermelon image Temporarily removed smile, child, and kids image

22. Fresh, delicious food

food, delicious, and fries image food, pancakes, and strawberry image food, motivation, and health image food and pasta image

23. The sound of trees rustling in the wind

fall, autumn, and forest image forest, nature, and tree image background, beautiful, and forest image autumn, fall, and leaves image

24. The feeling you get when somebody smiles at you

girl, fashion, and red image 90s, alternative, and indie image love rosie, boy, and couple image girl, glasses, and beauty image

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