His eyes were bright,
His hair was light,
There was something
Wrong with his smile.
But in the end,
He was fine.
We were sitting there,
Sometimes starring at each other,
Sometimes at our chairs.
My heart was racing
But I played it cool.
Deep inside I knew
I became his fool.
The other day I saw him
With this other girl.
I don't know
What's so cool in her.
May he finds
Her prettier or funnier.
Or she's just better
In every way than me.
All I want to know
Is what he thinks
About me.

Hey guys xx
It felt really nice to write this little poem, because I had a hard day. And nowadays I'm pretty confused about my feelings. Now I feel a little bit better.
Btw it's my first poem.
If you want to, you can find me on Instagram: @just_a_human_beingx
Have a lovely day xx
p.s. we all should stop crying about boys

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