i know.
it's hard.
sometimes you smile and feel happy, but you can feel the pain inside your body.
it's still there.
attacking your beautiful soul, and making it insecure.
just like a bully, you call yourself names.
feeling worthless, helpless, meaningless.
like you're just breathing and living, without any purpose in this world.

but it gets better.
there are better days coming.
so, just hold on.
it will be okay.
and if you ever feel like giving up,

don't make a decision when you're at rock bottom.
take deep breaths, and tell yourself that you are worthy.
you're good enough.
there are people that love you and would do literally anything for you.
just to see you smile.
you're worth it and you're beautiful and important
hurting yourself shouldn't be an option.
because you're a lost in a garden full of flowers, but eventually, you'll realize that you are just as much of a flower as they are.
you're not less than others.
remember, and hold on.