Since cheese in the trap movie is about to get released I thought of doing an article about the things that makes like the drama.
I believe that Cheese in the trap is the best Korean drama I’ve ever watched , sure there are a lot of other k dramas that are amazing, but there is something about this drama that caught my attention from the very first episode , especially that it is a college drama , so here’s a few things that made me love this drama even though most of people didn’t give that too much attention:
- the cast :
a lot of fans didn’t like the fact that kim go eun is the lead , but here’s the thing , She’s amazing actually she’s one of the reasons that made me want to keep watching the drama, her acting came as normal , you don’t see her exaggerating , she fit the role so perfectly , the girl that thinks too much and watches everything around her and who’s trying to fight her way to study and get a job, when I heard that the “cheese in the trap” movie are casting another girl I was so disappointed , because I can’t see any other actress fitting in that role, even there are a lot of fans who are happy with the cast. But I think It would’ve been great if they just kept the same cast from the drama but I’m gonna watch it anyway.

Yoo jung the mysterious handsome guy who has everything , the first episodes make you want to know if he’s the reason behind things happening to hong seol , and there’s no doubt that park hae jin is the perfect lead . he got that look of the cold smart guy and he did great in showing it.
- the story
Being a college girl will make you definitely understand a lot of things In life , it’s that phase when your perceptions on things change , hong seol describes it so well , the struggle of working while studying, working with groups and having to deal with every member ,her friendship with bora, how she tries to be nice and hide everything , while she’s struggling every day , and how she needed to get appreciated by her family that keeps thinking about her brother, and that’s when yoo jung came to just make her think of herself first. And how she start understanding him and accepting who he is without trying to blame him , the way she acts innocently and awkward , she just make you feel like your fist time falling in love with someone.
I liked the funny scenes between hong seol and in ho and how they keep picking at each other , but I couldn’t ship them they just fit as two good friends haha,but the thing that still make me side in ho is that yoo jung do harm to him , even if he is the lead I still believe that he is wrong.
And the End that I can say most of fans hates , I don’t feel anything wrong about it, haha , life is not a fairytale and dramas are not supposed to end happily ever after , actually I find it realistic , and there is no proof that they’ll never meet again and fall in love with each other , so I consider the ending was good for the drama.
So this was all the things that made me fell in love with this this drama , I’m looking forward the movie and I hope that it will do well , but still the series will always be my favorite.