1. Be a tourist
go somewhere you've never been before and do all the classic tourist

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2. Go to a sports match
Go and watch a sports team play-it could be football, rugby- literally anything as you long as you're together

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3. Have a picnic
visit a random field or park and sit with food, you could prepack sandwiches or go and buy a pizza. Just sit and talk.

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4. movie marathon
cuddle up with blankets and each other and watch movies until dawn.

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5. go to a museum
visit a museum or art exhibition and try recreate as many paintings or sculptures as you can

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6. cook a meal together
attempt a really hard recipe together- maybe a souffle or an intricate dish?

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7. go swimming
visit your local swimming pool or find a safe local lake and have fun together

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8.watch the sunset

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9. use a photo booth

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10. breakfast date
could be in bed or a restaurant

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